Dear Voter,

My name is Sharon Pearce and I am running for NC House District 81. My focus is running a
positive campaign based on my qualifications and vision for the future of Davidson County.
However, for weeks, you have received false information and half-truths via phone calls,
television ads, radio ads and a barrage of mailers from a true special interest group working
with one of my opponents. As you head to the polls to vote, I would like to take this
opportunity to provide you with the facts.

Special Interest Group
From 2014 -2015 I served as the President of the American Association of Nurse
Anesthetists (AANA) representing 49,000 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists
(CRNAs) nationwide. The AANA is a professional association that sets education and
practice standards for CRNAs and provides continuing education. It is disingenuous to
say that the AANA is a special interest group any more than the American Nurse’s
Association, the American Medical Association or Home Builders Association is a
special interest group – they are professional organizations.

AANA does not donate to any political party or politician. There is a separate,
bipartisan organization called CRNA-PAC that is the political arm of the AANA. By law,
the governance of CRNA-PAC must be separate from the governance of the AANA. It
is illegal for the parent organization (AANA) to dictate who the CRNA-PAC donates to.
As a bipartisan group, CRNA-PAC donates to members of BOTH parties who support
healthcare issues important to CRNAs and their patients. While it does not fit the
narrative of a negative campaign, CRNA-PAC has also donated to Republican Majority
Leader Mitch McConnell and Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Personal Donations
In North Carolina, I worked to pass a bill titled “The Care for School Children With
Diabetes Act”. My daughter Danielle was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 5. I
worked with Republican Senate Leader Patrick Ballantine to formulate this bill. The
democrats controlled the state legislature and the governorship in 2002 and would not
pass the bill with a Republican sponsor. I worked with democrats to pass this bill so
that my daughter and 6,000 other children with diabetes across the state would be safe
at school. I make no apologies. There was no time to wait on Republicans gaining
control of the legislature – the health of my child and 6,000 others was at stake. You will
recall, it wasn’t until 2012 that North Carolinian’s elected a majority Republican general
assembly and a Republican governor for the first time in history.

Prior to the Republicans taking control of the state legislature, as a leader in the
nursing community, I worked with democratic leadership on a myriad of bills and
proposed legislation supporting nursing practice that guaranteed access to safe,
affordable healthcare for all North Carolinian’s.

It is patently absurd to say, as my opponent does, that CRNAs would harm
veterans. In fact, CRNAs are the sole providers of anesthesia care to our service
men and women on the front lines. They are the primary providers of anesthesia care to
our veterans in VA hospitals across the nation. I am a supporter of using advanced
practice nurses to expand access to veterans healthcare in collaboration with ALL
members of the healthcare team. Our veterans cannot and should not die while waiting
on lists to receive healthcare. They deserve to receive the best healthcare
possible and I support them as a CRNA and, most importantly, as an American grateful
for their service and sacrifice.

Obamacare is the federal healthcare law and I am running for the State House, but I
believe Obamacare is a disaster and should be repealed and replaced with a less
bureaucratic, more patient-friendly system. It is the perfect example of what happens
when non-healthcare providers write healthcare policy. This was a major motivating
factor in my decision to run for the NC House – I want to be part of the solution!
I am excited at the opportunity to represent Davidson County in the general assembly, to
increase economic development and bring jobs to our county. As a lifelong conservative
republican I support smaller government and fiscal responsibility. I believe in second
amendment rights and ending illegal immigration. If I could wave a magic wand and make
common core and Obamacare disappear, I most certainly would. I believe education dollars
should follow the child and parents should make the decisions about what is best for their
child’s education, not the government.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact me at or
(336) 250-6008 and please visit Thank you for your interest in this
campaign and for seeking further information. I ask you for your vote so that together with
bold, fresh leadership, we can make Davidson County’s future bright!

Sharon Pearce, CRNA
Candidate – NC House District 81