Meet Sharon

Sharon is a lifelong resident of Lexington, and she has focused on health and healing in her 30 year career as a nurse .  She wants to bring that same passion to improve the lives of the residents of Davidson County.

Sharon on the Issues

Jobs and Economy

I am committed to helping our economy thrive by working to create more jobs and better jobs for the people of Davidson County and all of North Carolina. In order to foster a growing economy, our legislators need to work together with our people, business owners and stakeholders right here in Davidson County, and also throughout North Carolina.

Health Care

As a healthcare professional, the health and security of the citizens of Davidson County is one of my biggest concerns. It is vital that healthcare professionals are included in the development of healthcare legislation; however, there are currently only two healthcare professionals serving in the N.C. Legislature. Issues surrounding healthcare are one of my main focuses, and I believe my experience with these issues and my background as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist will be two of my major strengths as your representative.

Fiscal Responsibility

Budgeting is a fact of life for most families – we watch our spending and allot money to food, gas, and bills each month. All of us live within a budget, and our government needs to live within a budget as well – our leaders simply cannot tax and spend the way to a prosperous county, state, or nation. As your representative, I will fight to improve government budgeting and keep our state government spending under control.

Right to Bear Arms

I support every American’s constitutional right to bear arms. Everyone, if they so choose, should have the ability to protect themselves. This is in our constitution. I personally have received my concealed carry permit and I believe others should have the same opportunity.


Public education needs to be about the children and their classrooms. For too long the focus has been on administrators and bureaucracy, and this must change. Our children’s education suffers when funds are poorly spent, and the adults who are supposed to be guiding them are more focused on simply keeping their jobs. Innovative ideas and trends in education, rather than additional poorly spent funds, will offer solutions to the issues facing our children in primary and secondary education.  The higher education system in North Carolina is envied all over the country, but we must work to maintain it by increasing efficiency and opportunity and decreasing the involvement of bureaucrats who only increase the cost of tuition. As your representative, I will work to make ensure our schools and universities are among the best in the country.


I want North Carolina to once again be known as the “Good Roads State.” Safe, well-maintained roads are crucially important, not only for the safety of the people who live here, but also because they also help our economy. Good roads help bring us new businesses, more jobs and increased tourism. I will work in Raleigh to make sure we revitalize our infrastructure, improve our roadways and provide safe, secure travel for the people of Davidson County as well as all of North Carolina.

Illegal Immigration

I love our country, and I’m proud to live in a country that many people see as the land of opportunity. I welcome immigration, but I strongly believe that all immigrants should be legal and law abiding citizens. If they are not, they should be escorted back to their homeland.